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Shiprepaired List


101 HENG SHAN China General Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Remove hatch covers to workshop,renew hatch cover sealing strip.
102 BIN HAI 268 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting; remove,refit,inspect rudders (p/s); rudder stock on lathe to be machined, renew rudder stock seal; remove and refit hydraulic coupling of tailshaft(p/s);withdraw tailshaft, renew seal.
103 BIN HAI 313 China Barge NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting.
104 QI ZHUA 18 China Engineering vessel NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting.
105 HAI YANG SHI YOU 562 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting;clean chain locker; clean,grind in and repair sea valves;repair a pair of Azipod (rudder & propeller arrangement); renew plate for bllast tank.
106 JIAO GONG 72 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Remove,refit,inspect tailshaft; wirhdraw tailshaft for cleaning and inspecting, mesaure tailshaft and stern bearing, renew tailshaft seal; remove & refit rudder blades; remove & refit rudder stock to clean, inspect and measure.
107 XIN JIA HE China General Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Renew steel stucture of cargo hold; dismantle,clean,grind in main sea valves in E/R, renew all packing and gasket.
108 BIN HAI 261 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting; remove,refit,clean and inspect port rudder blade; remove,refit,withdraw port tailshaft,renew seal;dismantle,clean,grind in various kinds of valves.
109 TIAN WANG XING China Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Remove propeller to workshop; renew bearing for tailshaft; scattered works on deck.
110 GANG HANG JUN 8 China Dredger NORMAL REPAIR Carry out grit blasting SA1.0, and apply 4 coats of paint;Clean sea chest;Dismantle & grind in sea valves.
111 BIN HAI 284 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Remove & refit sea chests (high &low), carry out derusting and painting;Remove & refit tailshaft (p&s), renew seal;Dismantle, inspect and measure bow thruster hub, renew seal; renew bearing for horizontal shaft.
112 ZHONG YOU HAI 511 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Carry out grit blasting and painting for sea chest;Various kinds of valves (approx.30pcs) to be removed, cleaned, ground in and painted;Remove & refit, polish, clean and inspect propeller, carry out static balance test;Polish, clean and grind the surface of thruster blade;Remove & refit and inspect tailshaft, new fore & aft. sealing, measure tailshaft clearance, carry out penetration test for propeller shaft;Remove & refit rudder, visual inspect rudder blade, carry out air tight test; renew seal for rudder;Clean ballast tank, fresh water tank and fuel oil tank;Scattered work on deck;Repair of pumps (including cargo oil pump and stripping pump).
113 LE SHAN China General Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Repair of the leaky hatch covers; renew rubber seal of cargo hold;Remove and inspect gangway ladders (p&s), carry out load test;Scattered work on deck; Remove & refit tailshaft, carry out magnetic-particle inspection for aft taper part, inspect stern tube; Remove No.3, No.5 and No.7 main bearings of M/E(MAN B&W 6S50MC)to inspect and measure, inspect big-end bearing of No.3, No.5 and No.6 cylinder connection rod;Remove and inspect balancing shaft of AE(WARSILA NSD 4L20), remove governor into workshop for cleaning;Special survey for boiler, renew boiler tubes;Renew hydraulic pipelines in No.2 deck of №1、2、3、4 cargo hold (approx. 1700m); Overhaul jib of deck crane;Dismantle motors (30sets) into workshop for inspecting.
114 JIN GANG XIAO TUO 20 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Derusting & painting;Clean ballast tank & FW. Tank;Carry out load test for generators(2sets);Grind in sea valves of M/E(p/s).
115 JIAO GONG 68 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting for hull;Cleaning service oil tank;Cleaning, derusting and painting for sea chests (2pcs).
116 JUN HAO 3 China Barge NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting( approx.3000m2);Open, clean, paint sea chests (3pcs);Renew fuel oil pipes of oil tank.
117 SHOU YI HAO China Dredger NORMAL REPAIR Derusting and painting for hull(approx.5500m2);Derusting and painting sea chests (3pcs).
118 HENG AN China Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Renew seal for tailshaft (p/s), inspect and measure stainless liner;Dismantle & overhaul CPP( p/s), renew seal;Renew seal for bow thruster;Grind in main sea valves.
119 ZHONG YOU HAI 223 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Open, clean and paint for sea chest;Clean & inspect propeller blade;Remove & refit tailshaft rope guard, measure wear down for tailshaft, inspect the sealing of tailshaft;Clean & grind the surface of thruster blade; Chemical clean water side of boiler; dismantle safety valves.
120 AN KANG JIANG China General Cargo Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Inspect rudder blade surface, and carry out airtight test;Renew plate (T8mm*2m*8m*10pcs);Measure wear down for tailshaft;Remove, inspect, clean, grind in, and paint kinds of valves (approx.30pcs) in place, and renew packing;Renew sewage pipe in ballast tank (approx.300m);Remove hatch covers to shore, renew rubber strips and hatch cover panel (T 10mm*2m*8M*10pcs);Renew steel wire for crane, remove and inspect sheaves (36pcs);Remove and inspect main bearing for M/E(SULZER 5RTA58/1700mm 8700PS 112RPM), and renew liner for No.3 cylinder;Remove air cooler of A/E(YANMAR T220LL1T)into workshop to repair;Dismantle No.3 main generator(NTAKI-VC-10P AC450 60Hz 625KVA 802A 720r/min), and remove it into workshop to clean;Remove and inspect motors (approx.30sets);Special survey for boiler, and carry out chemical clean for gas and water side;Renew the whole set of sewage tank.
121 SHENG LI 291 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Measure clearance between rudder stock and rudder bearing;Remove & inspect the under water part of bow thruster;Remove, refit and clean for sea chest; Grit blasting and painting (approx. 3000m2).
122 BIN HAI 293 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Clean and grind in sea valves, renew gasket and packing;Remove and refit tailshaft (p/s); renew seal, remove aft sleeve into workshop to machine, measure clearance, remove and refit coupling;Remove & refit rudder blade (p/s), measure clearance, carry out air pressure test for rudder blade.
123 DA ZHUANG 6 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Renew the seriously rusted bottom plate;Fabricate sea chest, convert partly pipelines;Wash the hull under deck by high pressure water, apply 5 coats of painting.
124 ZHONG YOU HAI 282 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Inspect CPP, measure tailshaft wear down;Remove & refit aft sealing for tailshaft (p/s), renew sealing part;Check & measure rudder bearing and rudder lifting-up, visual inspection for rudder blade, carry out rudder turning test;Withdraw out all pistons of M/E (p/s) for inspection, clean cylinder liner, and inspect connection rod and connection rod bearing shell;Clean sea chest, dismantle and grind in sea valves;Dismantle and clean overboard valves, renew gasket and packing;Scatter works on deck.
125 TIAN FENG China Dredger NORMAL REPAIR Remove steel pile (length: 40m, D=1600 mm±3mm, weight: 66t) into workshop, carry out cleaning and thickness measuring; Renew all the dredging & discharge pipes on the vessel;Renew cutter;Repair pulley block (19pcs in total);Rectify all hydraulic winches on the vessel (11sets in total), reinforce base;Remove and refit dredging pump, renew stainless steel liner and shaft seal;Inspect main generator(MX-H-750).
126 XIN BIN HAI China Yacht NORMAL REPAIR Clean and paint anchor chain and steel wire;Paint for hull.
127 HAI CHANG YOU 9 China Oil Tanker NORMAL REPAIR Newly fabricate rudder blade and key way, machine & reweld starboard rudder stock; Renew cooling water pipes of M/E & A/E;Renew valves for cargo hold.
128 HAI YANG SHI YOU 604 China Engineering Vessel NORMAL REPAIR Grit blasting and painting(approx.2000m2);Remove, refit and inspect rudder blade (p/s), carry out air pressure test, renew seal ring for rudder blade;Remove, inspect and clean sea valves.
129 JIN GANG LUN 12 China Tugboat NORMAL REPAIR Painting for hull.

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